The development of very powerful information technology can be used in an effort to improve organizational performance. By utilizing information technology, the application of system and program can be done effectively and efficiently. Cognoscenti provides IT-based consulting services by providing consulting services Business process and SOP consulting services, dasboard management application implementation consultancy services, E-Gov consultancy services for ministry and agency sectors, HRIS consulting services, and other IT implementation consulting services.

   Cognoscenti Consulting Group is a consulting company that provides Management consultancy to companies or organizations that want to improve their performance to achieve the goal which is expected, through the provision of strategic management consultant services, SOP consulting services (Standard operating procedures) and business automation applications and sop , consulting services ISO 9001: 2015 consulting services business processes development source human resources (HR) implementation services balanced scorecard application. change management services (change management consultant) and provide risk management consultancy .

    Cognoscenti also helps many organizations as competency development consultant by implementing leadership training, supervisory management training , motivation training, team work training, communication training, training problem solving, coaching and counseling training and other management training .


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