Strategic Management is an activity to formulate, implement, monitor, and evaluate activities that are long-term, comprehensive, and prioritized for the benefit of the entire organization. Cognoscenti has experience as a Strategic Management Consultant, who has helped many organizations both companies and government organizations in achieving their goals. As a management consultant, Cognoscenti has assisted many organizations in providing strategic plan development consulting services, business plan development consulting services, corporate development plan consulting services, and Balanced Scorecard development consulting services. As a consultant for the Balanced Scorecard, Cognoscenti has also helped many organizations implement performance management (performance management consultants) using the right performance measurement method.

Cognoscenti Consulting Group is a consulting services company providing Management Consultant to companies or organizations wishing to improve their performance to achieve the expected objectives, through the provision of strategic management consultantcy services, SOP consultcy services (Standard Operating Procedures) and Business Process Automation & SOP Application, consultancy services for ISO 9001:2015, business process consultancy services for human resource development (HR), consultancy services for Balanced Scorecard implementation including Balanced Scorecard application. Change management consultancy services as well as providing risk management consultancy services.

   Cognoscenti also helps many organizations as competency development consultant by conducting leadership training, supervisory management training, motivational training, teamwork training, communication training, problem solving training, coaching and counselling training, and other management training services.