Organization classically gets we konsepsikan as bulk of person that have particular roles, tied-up in a pa system (norm and order), needing resource for regularly do activity to reach to the effect with. Having organization and / or sumberdaya is man preeminenting to constitute a competitive top that needs continually be petted and improved.

   As CONSULTANT OF ORGANISATIONAL MANAGEMENTS and ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT'S CONSULTANTS, Cognoscenti helps a lot of business good organization and also government in mengimplementasikan a variety program as service of systems developmental consultation SDM, organisational developmental consultation service, collation consultation service organization chart, office job analysis consultation service, consultation service evaluates responsible position, analisasi's consultation service work load, developmental consultation service training, cultural developmental consultation service organisational, implemented consultation service performance management utilizes to methodic balanced scorecard, and another management consulting services.

   Cognoscenti Consulting is Group constitutes consultant service firm that gives Management Consulting Services( management consultant) to firm or organization that wants to increase its performance until up to aim which is expected, via consultant service application strategic management, SOP consultation service (Standard Operation Procedure) and automatization application carries on business to process and soup, consultation service ISO 9001:2015 consultation service carry on business to process human resource developments (SDM) implemented consultation service balanced Scorecard (balanced scorecard application). change management's consultation service (management of change consultant) and gives risk management consulting services. .

    Cognoscenti also helps a lot of organization as competency development's consultant by performs leadership's training, supervisory management's training, training motivates, team work's training, communication training, problem solving's training, coaching's training and counselling, and another management training service.