The quality of human resources is an important factor that plays a role in generating the competitive advantage of an organization in achieving good performance on an ongoing basis. Therefore the ability and competence of human resources in an organization must be continuously improved.
   Cognoscenti provides management training services, including risk management training, balanced scorecard training, business process training, performance management training, ISO 9001: 2015 training, SOP development training, change management training, HRD training, leadership training, organizational development training, and training soft skills such as leadership training, motivational training, communicative training, teamwork training, and other HR training.

   Cognoscenti Consulting Group is a consulting services company providing Management Consultant to companies or organizations wishing to improve their performance to achieve the expected objectives, through the provision of strategic management consulting services, SOP consulting services (operational standard procedures) and business process automation and sop applications , ISO 9001 ( ISO 9001 : 2015 ) consulting services business processes development human resources (HR) implementation services balanced scorecard ( balanced scorecard application) . change management consultancy services and provide risk management consulting services .

   Cognoscenti also helps organizations as competency development consultants by implementing leadership training, supervisory management training, training motivation, team work training, communication training, problem solving training, coaching training and counseling , and other management training services .